Indivisible Asheville: Gina Collias


Gina Colias (R)

10th District Candidate

Event: April 6, 6:30-8:00pm, West Asheville Library

Candidate Background

Gina Collias is a life-long Republican. This past presidential election demeaned the party. To counter this, Gina founded Rational Republicans on Facebook where the moderate majority of Americans may have rational and civil discourse. #MajoritySilentNoMore.

Gina was reared in Charlotte, North Carolina with strong Christian principles. She attended St. Gabriel's Catholic School from Kindergarten through 8th grade and graduated high school at Charlotte Country Day School.

Gina has her undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her law degree from Mercer University. Gina has been licensed to practice law in both North Carolina and South Carolina for 25 years. She is also a licensed Broker in Charge with the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

Gina has been married for 27 years. Her husband is a family practice doctor. They are the proud parents of three children, two daughters who attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a son who enjoys soccer and Boy Scouts. Gina and her family moved to Cleveland County in 1999. Just as their parents had taught them, Gina and her husband have instilled the same values of integrity, hard work, and compassion in their children.



Candidate Message

Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye …  Patrick McHenry has got to go. The biggest thing I’m offering to people is civil discourse. We need that, and we need a bipartisan approach. We need people who can work together across the aisle, and bring the Republican, Democratic, and Unaffiliated voters together and have a communication. That’s what it’s about. That’s what our democracy is missing. We need to work together.

If McHenry wins the Republican Primary, he will win the election. In order to get rid of McHenry we need to get out and vote in the Primary. Between now and April 13, Democrats can change to Unaffiliated. Between the Republicans and the Unaffiliated we can beat McHenry in the Primaries.

Gina Collias on the Issues

1- Preservation of American Democracy

On Russia: Let Mueller finish his investigation. Don’t demonize the FBI. Congress needs to talk about this. We have silence from members of Congress, why are they quiet? As a new freshman congressman, we will talk and I’ll report back to you.

We need to support the press and the FBI. The press is a check and balance which shines a light. Mueller will either clear the president or not. Let the man do the job.

We need  a non-partisan committee for redistricting.

2- The Environment

On Offshore drilling: That is something I definitely need more information on. I need data to better understand how this affects North Carolina.

On renewable energy and other conservation ideas: I’m very excited about this. A good example is a company right here in District 10, taking coal ash waste and turning it into bricks. And it creates jobs.

Paris climate accord: Why are we the only country that’s not participating? Why are we denying science?

Changing focus of the EPA: People talk about red tape, and I definitely get that, but we don’t need to dismantle it. We want to have clean air, water, no poison in the food. We need the EPA. It can be a leaner machine, but we don’t want to dismantle it. Science is important.

Protection of wetlands and national parks: Here in District 10 we have the BRPW, Groundfather Mountain, Crowder Mountain and South Mountain. We have a lot of wetlands. These are our treasures. I don’t want to see shrinking national parks. Our national parks are our treasures.

Climate science data: We need it.

Would you have voted for Scott Pruitt? I don’t know. I would need to look at that closely.

Would you support 100% renewable energy? Yes, as much as possible, I don’t know if we can reach 100%, but we need to strive for that. We need input, discussions, town halls. We need to shine a light on these issues. We shouldn’t let certain groups with money tell us what to do.

Incentives for alternative energy: Yes, I would support that.

3- Gun Violence

I think there are easy places to start. Focus on school safety. Listen to the kids and their parent. It’s a bipartisan issue. We need to have more data and talk about it. Yes to age limits. We need to do a better job on background checks, and make sure the state and federal databases are connected.

Liability insurance on weapons is a great idea, we should talk about it.

2nd Amendment:  It’s an important amendment. As an attorney I’m so glad we have our constitution. I want to keep all of the constitution. But there are common sense things we can do with the 2nd amendment.

I’m a gun owner, but I will not accept donations from the NRA. The NRA has changed. I used to be a member when it was about guns and gun safety. But it’s now a lobbying arm.

Providing guns to teacher: This is too much of a burden on our teachers. We need people who are really qualified to use firearms.

Would you support a ban on assault rifles sales to the public?:  Assault rifles are meant to kill people, they’re not for hunting. We need to have that discussion.

4- Immigration

DACA:  We have DACA students in District 10. We need to follow through on the deal we made with them. I don’t know if we need to keep the program in future, but we need to follow through on the deal we made. They’re paying taxes and functioning in our society and they’re productive citizens. Targeting them is bullying. We are better than that. It should be a bipartisan issue.

Border security: People are fearful of terrorism. People are fearful of people coming in and filling up our hospitals and schools. There needs to be a smoother pass to citizenship.

I’m not a big fan of the wall. There are drug problems and overcrowding in the schools, and this is a real problem we need to solve.

The United States was built by immigrants. We are a melting pot. They are coming for the American Dream. Washington needs to look at preserving the American Dream. Why are we having policy coming out of Washington that’s widening the income gap, why are they attacking the middle class? We need to do better.

5- Health Care

We need to revisit and revise the ACA. It’s done two good things, stopped insurance companies from dropping preexisting conditions and its done away with the lifetime per capita on coverage. These are the good things. Some things not good about it, high premiums. We need to work on that.

But the people stood up last year for the ACA, and Washington in return, gutted it in a tax bill. They’re not listening to us. McHenry isn’t listening to us. McHenry can be gone on May 8.


How does faith affect your political judgements?: I was reared a Catholic, my husband is Greek Orthodox. Religion is important to me, I’m a person of faith. I’m also an attorney. I understand and respect the law. The founders built this country and the constitution to have separation of Church and State, so we could have religious freedom.


We have to pay our teachers more. Our colleges and universities are having trouble putting out new teachers. And why should young people want to be teachers? We’re not paying them or respecting them. Every person has a teacher who’s been a big influence in their life. Education is a value at the top for me, along with my family, country and god. My experience in education is based on being an advocate for my children.

Recent Tax Cuts

I will treat District 10 as my own, and I’ll be an advocate for District 10. I’m a Progressive Republican. I’m also a fiscal conservative. Look at the tax bill. They helped the top 1%,  and they dumped a 1.5 trillion of deficit on our children. That’s irresponsible, and someone needs to go to Washington and speak up. Yes, I would have voted against the tax bill, and I would have stood up and said, ‘Why?’ and started a conversation. Instead they went behind closed doors to come up with a secret plan. That’s not good stewardship, that’s not good policy making. And where was McHenry?  He was hiding under the table, watching his career. He’s a career politician and he needs to go.

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