Thank you Mrs. Bush.


            I am deeply saddened to learn today that Barbara Bush has passed away after her brave decision to forgo medical treatment for her long term illnesses and seek only comfort care. Her decision to focus on comfort care allowed her to spend quality time in her last days surrounded by her family in peace and comfort as they shared their final memories and goodbyes together. Mrs. Bush was an advocate of hospice care and was applauded for taking a visible leadership role in promoting palliative care. Even with her final decision in how to spend her remaining days, the former First Lady continued to serve as an example to our nation on how to live an exemplary life of service.
            As both a wife and mother to former presidents, only the second woman in history to claim that distinction, Barbara Bush combined love of family with love of country. When she established The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, she used her experience as the Bush family matriarch -- wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother -- to tell the nation that reading together as parents and children could change the world. Her message to our nation’s families and women honors contributions in our everyday homes where parents and children come together to work for a brighter tomorrow. May we all dedicate our lives to doing the same. Thank you Mrs. Bush from all of us.

Gina ColliasComment