GOP Women Must Unite!

Even though women could not vote or participate in politics on March 20, 1854, three women, one child, and 50 men met in Ripon, Wisconsin to create a new political party. That party was the Republican Party. The Republican Platform of 1872 said, "The Republican Party is mindful of its obligation to the loyal women of America for their noble devotion to the cause of Freedom ... ." Women have been an active and vital part of the GOP since its inception. For most of our country's history, the Republican party has been the party more receptive to women and standing up for women. It was not until the 1970’s that the democratic platform included women’s rights and issues. The women’s suffrage movement was in fact largely supported by Republicans. Additionally, Eisenhower, a republican, was the first president to support the Equal Rights Amendment.

In light of this, I am saddened to hear Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R - Kansas), (on why it's difficult to cultivate female leaders in the GOP) say, ‘There aren't enough of us, and we've tried to do some recruiting, but again, when you look at the farm team, whether it is women in the statehouse or city council or women mayors across the nation, many of them have to be talked into it, as opposed to just feeling like they have something to offer.’ Full article here:


I am a proud Republican woman and candidate. I would ask that the GOP women embrace and support those of us who are running. That we dig deep and remember the tradition of our party and stop infighting. It is hard to watch as some GOP women deliberately try to hold other women down by denying open support  for GOP women who understand the need for reproductive rights and freedom of their own bodies. I am personally hurt by women discourteously labeling other GOP women RINOs and by women who refuse to stand up for our gender in the face of good ole boy grab ‘em commentary that can absolutely no longer be tolerated. GOP women must unite. Women must unite. As your congresswoman, I will support equal rights, equal pay, and the right to choose. I will uphold Rational Republican values of fiscal responsibility and compassionate conservatism. I will stand with the women of NC10. I have your back.


Gina ColliasComment