Republican Party Please Come Home

Republican Party Please Come Home

I’m not alone in remembering what our once honorable and proud Republican Party stood for. Today in an interview on CNN, Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich expressed (…/john-kasich-state-of-the-u…/index.html) the same frustrations I have had over accusations that come from the far-far right that I may not be ‘conservative’ enough. That is the point isn’t it? That the Republican Party has become so divisive that within our own party some try to divide us to say we are not ‘right’ enough?

In his interview today with Jake Tapper, Kasich said, “I didn’t leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party left me. In my state, we have balanced budgets. Surplus. We’re up a half a million jobs and then people say, well Kasich’s not a conservative. What does that mean? Does that mean I have to be anti-immigrant, anti-trade, in favor of debt?” Kasich continued, “I mean what party? Come on home. Come on home to where we basically live. We’re pro-immigrant, we’re pro-trade, we’re pro-growth. We worry about debt. We should care about people from top to bottom. Not just those at the top, but everybody.” 

I share Governor Kasich’s belief that the Republican Party has traditionally cared about people at all economic levels of American society. We’ve promoted free trade and growth, and we’ve known for decades that immigrants are what make our country stronger. The fear of terrorism has certainly introduced a need for caution in formulating policy, but it shouldn’t change the way we fundamentally apply our constitutional rights. 

And Kasich’s reference to worrying about debt is something I particularly listen to. Our proud Republican Party until only recently attempted to hold the line on the skyrocketing national debt. But the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 changed all that leaving a $1.5T deficit to our children. McHenry supported that bill. The Office of Management and Budget says the Tax Bill will raise our debt if we remain at current spending and income levels. 

And come 2019 when we’re all seeing the first full year of those supposed tax cuts enacted on our income tax returns, small business owners in particular will begin feeling the real pain of that bill on the middle class, especially in states where local taxes are particularly high and those deductions are significantly reduced. The bill will help the wealthiest 1% once again because it rewards large corporations with tax cuts that never expire, unlike those put in place for the middle class which are preset to expire in 2026.

The Republican Party isn’t serving Americans from top to bottom anymore. McHenry and other Congressional leaders like him are ‘Pay for Access’ career politicians owned by Wall Street and special interest lobbyists. That is why McHenry’s March 2018 fundraiser was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, not anywhere near NC10! Mick Mulvaney, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, even publicly admitted this week to a group of bankers that when he was a South Carolina Congressman, he only met with lobbyists who paid him. 

Is that what the Republican Party stands for? Not for this Republican. I am Gina Collias, and I have been a proud Republican for 34 years. And just like John Kasich, I’ve never left. It’s time for the Republican Party to please come home.

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