From The Campaign Trail: Laotian New Year In Kings Mountain

This morning I went to the Shiloh Baptist Church in Shelby. I felt a warm welcome.  Then I went to the Concerned Bikers event in Dallas in the afternoon. Finally, I went to the Laotian Buddhist Temple New Year’s celebration in Grover.  Mrs. At Allen and her parents, who founded the Laotian Temple in Grover, were incredibly gracious hosts to me. They wanted their children and grandchildren to appreciate their culture and feel connected. Today is their New Year’s celebration. They have two resident monks who stay with the temple all year round. I thanked them for an amazing experience. I appreciate the diversity in our community and the beauty and richness each culture, and indeed each person, brings to NC District 10. As your congresswoman, I will represent everyone and listen to your concerns and stand by you.

Gina ColliasComment