"We need to value our teachers and pay them more. Public Schools are the bedrock of our democracy. Thomas Jefferson said that a democracy is impossible without an educated populace. Our North Carolina schools are having difficulty encouraging students to be future teachers and retaining our current experienced teachers with appropriate salaries. This brain drain will leave a void that is detrimental to our children.”

“The only means of ensuring that basic education is maintained is by strengthening the public school system, administered by the states, and guided by national minimum guidelines. This does not mean we need to test our children to death, and we want parents to have a say in what they feel is best for their child’s development, whether that is homeschooling or a particular charter school. Pre-K should be an option for every child. It is also time to review, revise, and raise those standards so that our students will be able to compete in the new economies of automation and artificial intelligence in the 21st century.”

“We also need to help our young people obtain vocational and college education without burdening them with excessive school loans. I plan to work on legislation to create more loan forgiveness programs that exchange college time for time served in our military, teaching in rural and inner city areas, the US National Health Resources & Service Administration loan forgiveness program, National Peace Corps Association, Americorps, or providing other services that give back to our communities.”

“The educational courses need to be geared to help students maneuver in technology fields. Catawba Valley Community College is on the cutting edge in the entire United States in having a completely state-of the-art automated hospital-based teaching facility for their nursing program using robotic patients. They also administer the Career and College Promise Program for high school students to get a head start on earning college credits tuition free. Our North Carolina District 10 has the opportunity to be a model for the rest of the country. As a mother and your Congresswoman, I want to work to ensure better education for our children, our teachers, and our future."