Gina believes in a balanced approach to environmental protection and is concerned about climate change. Renewable energy development is both a responsible step towards keeping our communities healthy and safe and a promising source for economic growth and American jobs. As our great Republican President Teddy Roosevelt created many of our National Parks, Republicans should be the first to protect them.

"Integrating our region’s environmental and economic needs must be carefully managed and everything balanced in considering opportunities for growth. In building the 21st century economy to include our North Carolina District 10, new manufacturing opportunities must be rooted in technology, clean energy, and infrastructure development.

The recycling of coal ash waste is an emerging technology, which is of particular importance in our region, especially in Asheville where Duke Energy is working to clean up the waste produced over decades of operation of a coal-fired power plant. A great company in District 10 -- that's located right on Lake Norman in Denver, North Carolina -- called Nu Rock is able to complete in-place recycling of coal ash to prevent further contamination of our waters and streams. I'm pleased that the Catawba Riverkeeper organization is supportive of this eco-friendly process.  This benign process transforms the coal ash waste into bricks for construction of buildings, roads, and bridges.

Climate change is science, not fake news. It’s time to stop arguing about whether climate change is real, and get to work on plans for protecting cities like Asheville from the growing threat of wildfires. A team of researchers with UNC Asheville’s National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center in 2017 identified wildfires as one of the main climate-related threats facing the 90,000 residents of the city. Our friends in Rutherford County all remember the recent fires at Lake Lure, so we need to address these environmental issues now."