We understand you have a lot of questions. We took your most asked questions and answered them. 

Why are you different from McHenry?

As I travel around our District listening to all the comments from our communities, I hear the same thing. Patrick McHenry doesn’t show up. He doesn’t listen. We are not being heard. His decisions are not based on what his constituents want unless they are part of his political agenda to rise to higher positions of power for his career. As your Congresswoman, I will represent all of the people in District 10 including Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. And I will listen.

What will you do for me in Washington?

I will bring a voice to all the citizens of NC District 10. It’s important that we give our citizens an opportunity to be heard. I will also work to bring jobs to our District by focusing on much needed infrastructure, affordable housing initiatives, and clean energy jobs.  Everything we do must balance protecting the natural beauty in our area with economic prosperity.

Since you’re so close to democrats on social issues, why aren’t you a democrat?

There are extremists on both sides of the political spectrum who are drowning out the silent majority. We have more in common than what divides us. I am a moderate Republican, and I am standing up for the silent majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. It’s time that we work together with one inclusive voice in Washington. We need to be heard.

Why are you a republican?

I have always been a voting Republican for 34 years now. I am a fiscal conservative who believes we are better than partisan politics.  

Are you pro-choice or pro-life?

I am the only woman, attorney, and mother running for Congress in NC District 10. Having had two interesting pregnancies, one very high risk and one ending in an emergency cesarean, resulting in three children, I feel that I have a unique perspective. I was reared Catholic and have strong Christian values. I am pro-choice, and as an attorney I understand the law and will abide by it. 

Where do you stand on gun control?

As a gun owner I fully support the Second Amendment, and we can also have common sense gun laws that will help protect our children as we focus on school safety, like increasing the accessibility for background checks and coordination between state and federal agencies. I will not take any money from the NRA.

Will you arm teachers in school?

The subject of school safety has opened a national dialogue on guns. I think that we need to have more community discussions with our local school districts and our local police on what is best for our schools, our students, and our parents. We have a lot of gun trained professionals and retired military who may help assist and advise us. Randomly arming teachers who are not proficient with guns would end poorly.

Will you ban AR-15’s?

As a gun owner and supporter of the Second Amendment, I am not in favor of banning guns. I think that there are other weapons that are accessible like fully automatic weapons that are at least as dangerous. This needs to be part of our national discussion.

If you’re not getting money from for-profit corporate interests, who’s funding your campaign?  

My campaign is a grassroots effort.