Goodbye McHenry

"Goodbye McHenry!

McHenry must be voted out of office on May 8th.  Do not wait until November to say goodbye. Unaffiliated and republican voters can replace him in the primary election with me, Gina Collias, a rational republican who will serve Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. I am the only Republican woman, attorney, small business owner, and mother challenging McHenry in North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District. He has over a two-million dollar war chest to help fund his campaign.  Mine is a grassroots campaign. We cannot let money decide this race in North Carolina. If you believe you are not being heard in Washington, that politics has become too extreme and divisive, then choose me in the primary.

Vote Gina Collias for Congress.

The number one complaint I hear from our communities is how inaccessible McHenry is. He doesn’t answer calls or letters in a timely fashion, and when he does, it’s often a generic response to a specific question. No one feels heard. And because McHenry is an ultra-right conservative, anyone who considers themselves a moderate feels completely unrepresented in Washington. Our public servants in elected office have a duty and an obligation to serve everyone, not just those who agree with them. A representative must serve citizens in our district, not those mega banks in New York who fund McHenry’s career machine.  

McHenry is bought and paid for by the NRA so he is biased in considering school safety measures. Despite the fact he represents a rural, farming district, he serves on the Financial Services Committee rather than the Committee on Agriculture. He is a career politician who supports Wall Street instead of Main Street. McHenry is disconnected from us.

     Your elected officials should work for you, not for the highest bidder, which is why comprehensive campaign finance reform is essential. We need term limits. After seven-terms in office, McHenry is now a professional career politician. He spends more time in Washington building his party alliances and raising his campaign funds instead of spending time here in district 10 and learning how to help our constituents."