Gun Safety

Gina is a gun owner and believes in the importance of the 2nd Amendment and the right of law-abiding citizens to bear arms. She also believes that common sense reform in gun laws can make Americans safer without compromising this right.

"As a serious gun owner, who supports the 2nd Amendment and the right of law-abiding citizens to bear arms, I believe we can make some common sense changes in gun laws without compromising our 2nd Amendment protections. Rules for purchasing guns do not affect the guns that people already own. No matter what, it's time for our leaders to listen to our real fears, not about losing our guns, but getting news that our child has been shot. Enough is enough.

As a mom, I am guided by my moral compass, and I will not accept any funding from the NRA.  We need passage of common sense gun laws.  We need national discussions on what will work including higher age requirements for purchase, robust mental health, and universal background checks that are coordinated between federal and state agencies, and funding for CDC research into the causes of gun violence. The $1.3 trillion dollar budget gave no money to the CDC to study gun violence.  What hold does the NRA have over McHenry that he would refuse to even meet with the parents and children in District 10 just to talk about school safety?  I say no more. Bring McHenry home. Vote for me, Gina Collias for Congress. I stand with students and parents demanding school safety and promise them a seat at the table to help shape these decisions."