Gina supports reform of the ACA that ensures all Americans have health insurance, which may take the form of adding an affordable public option. She also thinks that Americans should still be able to obtain private insurance if they choose to do so.  However, to create more competition among companies, the state healthcare exchanges must allow insurance companies to compete across state lines. Further, we must be serious about reducing the cost of prescription drugs. Although flexible on the method, Gina is adamant that: all families must have affordable healthcare; protections for pre-existing conditions must be preserved; the elimination of lifetime caps must be maintained; youth must be able to remain on their parents’ health insurance; essential benefits must be maintained; and states must provide the current Medicare expansion programs unless supplanted by more expansive provisions.

"No hardworking American should go broke trying to keep their families healthy. In the summer of 2017, the entire nation spoke up to tell Washington twice that we wanted to keep the ACA — not repeal it, but Washington turned a deaf ear, and then undermined the ACA in the Tax Reform Bill of 2017 which removed the individual mandate. Furthermore, this current Washington administration directed the Department of Justice not to defend the ACA any longer in court, hoping that the entire ACA will be held unconstitutional by the new majority Republican Supreme Court. Yet, the Republicans still do not have a healthcare plan of their own.”