Gina supports reform of the ACA that is bipartisan, reduces the costs to American families, preserves protection for pre-existing conditions, protects essential benefits, and preserves the elimination of life-time caps.

"No hardworking American should go broke trying to keep their families healthy. Last summer, the entire nation spoke up to tell Washington twice that we wanted to fix the ACA, and Washington and McHenry turned a deaf ear.

Reform of the ACA must be bipartisan, reduce the costs to American families, preserve protection for pre-existing conditions, protect essential benefits, and preserve the elimination of life-time caps.  Many people want a public option, and even though this may be the direction the country is heading, people still want the right to have private insurance. This is a profitable sector of the American economy. Federal policy needs to repair the ACA so that the premiums are lower, and insurance companies need to be able to compete across state lines to create competition to help lower those premiums. In North Carolina, we have only one insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield. They have no competitor, and that contributes to exceedingly high premium rates. National dialogue must prioritize movement toward a better health care program overall.

Right now, approximately 60% of the country is already covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance through the Veterans Administration.  It’s 40-percent of Americans who need healthcare coverage options. Through national dialogue, incorporating components of Medicare and Medicaid, we can strengthen the existing ACA and reduce premiums."