Gina wants to simplify the path and cost to citizenship.

"America was built by immigrants. We all have family from many different countries who just wanted to pursue the American Dream. We must simplify the path to citizenship with an emphasis on reducing the time required to become a citizen.  We also need discussion regarding a five year statute of limitations to let applicants know whether they are on a path to citizenship or whether that is not even an option for them. We should not wait 39 years to send people to countries they do not know. People are rightly concerned with the flow of drugs coming through our borders and the over-burdening of our public facilities like hospitals and schools. Instilling fear in people who are in the United States, paying taxes, and waiting for an opportunity to pursue citizenship is not where we need to go.  We are better than that.  Although we may not want to continue the DACA program in the future, we need to honor the bargain that we already made with those young people to allow DACA recipients citizenship by adhering to the terms of the program they joined. Working people with DACA documentation must be given first priority in extending permanent protections. Enforcement-only immigration policies instill fear in people unnecessarily and cause them to go underground. Only by returning to principles of good governance and a national dialogue will we forge a new and fair policy on immigration reform."