The public education system is the bedrock of our democracy. Our children's future depends on their education, and the future of District 10 depends on our children's success. Improving our schools and creating a skilled and educated workforce is key to our communities’ economic health. The Administration has continued to cut public education funds, short-changing our students. Cuts in funding for public schools have reduced teacher salaries and caused difficulty in retaining experienced teachers. Some schools have reduced enrichment classes like art and music. We need to fund our teachers and our schools and create opportunity for our daughters and sons.

Strengthening education requires more than better schools for our children. I stand committed to re-training workers and improving technical education, because whether you are fifteen or fifty, you deserve a chance to succeed in the modern economy.

I believe we need to help our young people obtain vocational and college education without burdening them with excessive school loans. I will work on legislation to create more loan forgiveness programs that exchange college time for time served in our military, teaching in rural and inner city schools, or doing other public service. I will work to ensure better education for our children, our teachers, and our future.

Gina Collias