Climate change is science, not fake news. It’s time to stop arguing about whether climate change is real, and get to work on plans to curb one of the most urgent problems of our lifetime. It has created many climate issues, such as the wildfires near Asheville and Lake Lure. The November 2018 National Climate Assessment sent to Congress identified wildfires in Southern Appalachia as one of the main climate-related threats facing our district. It is imperative that we address these environmental issues now.

The efforts to undermine and even repeal environmental protections hurt the residents of NC District 10. Our land, our water, and our mountains are our greatest treasures and some of our best economic assets. The current Administration does not understand this basic economic truth, and their disregard for natural resources is a reckless threat to our economy. I will stand firm against efforts to weaken protection of our land and water. We reject the false choice between economic prosperity and a healthy environment. In NC District 10, economic strength and environmental health go hand-in-hand.

Gina Collias