Jobs & The Economy


I believe in a future where everyone who works hard and plays by the rules can succeed. I am committed to preserving and expanding the middle class by insuring a living wage, by creating well-paying jobs, by strengthening demand for all that Western North Carolina has to offer, and by creating an educated and skilled workforce.

A strong middle class exists in an economy where everyone has the opportunity to succeed, and that means the culture of Washington has to change. When the politically well-connected get special favors, the middle class — and those struggling to get into the middle class — suffer. I will fight for meaningful economic reforms. 

Instead of favoring political insiders, I will empower small businesses with incentives to create jobs. With your help, I believe that we can create an economy where hard-working people can find a job that not only pays the bills, but allows them to save for retirement, where small businesses — not the special interests — can succeed, where a family can own their own home, and where children can get the high-quality education that will help them prosper.

I believe that everyone should have a good job and hope for the future. NC District 10 has some of the toughest economic challenges in the state. I believe in a strong middle class and a future that is both sustainable and secure.

I believe that building better infrastructure is good for our long-term economic health. Our rural district areas have higher rates of dependence upon wells and septic systems. Our municipal water systems are aging rapidly and infrastructure investment must focus on rebuilding water systems across the district in order to protect the health and vitality of our communities. I will work for District 10 to secure those employment and infrastructure development funds.

I will fight to keep existing jobs and attract new ones to NC District 10. I believe we need to encourage entrepreneurship and small businesses - the engines of economic growth in our communities. According to the Carolina Small Business Development Fund, North Carolina has ranked third in the country for the past twenty years in women-owned businesses, and western North Carolina is ranked first for woman solo entrepreneurs. All of this creates jobs in our District 10, especially for the many families who are headed by single moms.

Gina Collias