The Rule of Law

Rule of Law.JPG

I am a mom, a concerned citizen, and an attorney; my love of country and my love of the law go hand-in-hand. The three branches of government were designed to provide checks and balances to preserve our democracy. If I am elected as your representative, it will be my job to represent you and your concerns and to contribute to bills that will eventually be the law of the land. My background as a lawyer equips me to shrewdly navigate bills and to curtail legal loopholes that hurt the American people.

When the President and members of Congress take an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, they are taking an oath to uphold the Rule of Law. In the last two plus years, the Rule of Law and officers of all three branches have been publicly demeaned and threatened by this administration using the megaphones of Twitter and Fox ‘News.’ McHenry has supported Trump’s false narrative of morphing real facts into ‘fake news’ and declaring the press to be ‘the enemy of the people.’

The founders of our government created a unique system of government, set out in our Constitution. As the supreme law in our country, the Constitution is the basis for the Rule of Law. This is the glue that holds our country together. It sets out three equal branches of government and provides for critical checks and balances between them. Additionally, the First Amendment recognized that an essential safeguard of democracy is a free press. We need to protect journalists and our freedom of speech because journalists must be free to alert the people about what is happening in our government and what our government officials are doing to bring transparency to their actions. I will be your voice. I will protect the Rule of Law.

Gina Collias