Jobs & The Economy

"One of the greatest challenges this country will face in the next 20 years is finding the balance between job creation and efficiency. Employers who consider this balance have the opportunity to make financial gains.

We need to encourage small businesses and entrepreneurship. According to the Carolina Small Business Development Fund, North Carolina has ranked third in the country for the past twenty years in women owned businesses, and western North Carolina is ranked first for woman solo-entrepreneurs. All of this creates jobs in our District 10, especially for the many families who are headed by single moms.

Clean energy production is on the rise generating new jobs.  Progress will be made in this area when the debate shifts away from the need for clean energy and is replaced with a focus on the value of creating high-paying, clean energy jobs.

Infrastructure development will be a focus of job creation in our district.  Although North Carolina is a state with many rural areas and with higher rates of dependence upon wells and septic systems, our municipal water systems are aging rapidly and infrastructure investment must focus on rebuilding water systems across the state in order to protect the health and the vitality of our communities. I will work for District 10 in securing those employment and infrastructure development funds."