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Hickory, North Carolina donors are the biggest financial supporters of Rep. Patrick McHenry by ZIP code.

Records from the Center for Responsive Politics show McHenry received $21,750 from Hickory. The next highest donating ZIP code was 90049 – Los Angeles, California.

WYFF News 4 Investigates found that of the money raised in this campaign cycle, McHenry has received just $54,900 from donors within North Carolina’s 10th District.

That makes up just more than 6 percent of all of the money he has brought in.

The Washington, DC metro area accounts for $134,700 of the donations McHenry received during the 2018 election cycle.

McHenry faces five Republican challengers in Tuesday’s primary.

Gina Collias is the top fundraiser in that group of other candidates. Collias had $3,074 on hand as of April 18 – compared to $1,245,073 for McHenry.

In the most recent campaign cycle, McHenry brought in $1,139,056 from political action committees. The majority of the money comes from PACs representing the finance, insurance and real estate sector.

The largest single donor to McHenry is Votesane PAC. The nonpartisan group has donated $79,400, according to Center for Responsive Politics records.

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