Rational Republican Gina Collias Endorsed by American Federation of Government Employees

April 27, 2018 – Washington, DC -- Gina Collias, the only woman Republican challenger to U.S. Congressman Patrick McHenry in North Carolina’s 10th District, received today the endorsement of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) in the upcoming primary election on May 8th.

The endorsement carries with it the offer of valuable help from the AFGE membership to get out the vote through volunteer support and voter outreach. AFGE is the largest federal employee union representing 700,000 federal and D.C. government workers nationwide. Its members locally include food inspectors, nurses, correctional officers, lawyers, police officers, census workers, scientists, doctors, park rangers, border patrol agents, transportation security officers, mechanics, computer programmers, and more.

“This endorsement by the AFGE represents my desire to bring voices together working for the same outcomes – better jobs in the 21st-century economy,” said Collias.  “I am running on a platform of leadership, accountability, and commitment to working families in my district.  Workers in the Federal Government are particularly aware of the need for a new direction by following a moral compass in government, and I am very grateful to receive this support and endorsement.”

Collias is seeking to represent voters who feel their current representative in Washington has become too extreme and disconnected from the communities he was elected to serve. An attorney and small business owner, Gina lives in Kings Mountain with her husband of 27 years and has three children.

Collias founded Rational Republicans, a Facebook group with more than 3,400 members, to unite moderate Republicans, Independents, and Democrats in civil discourse and to create a voting block to elect rational representatives. A lifelong Republican, she is challenging Wall Street supported McHenry from the center. Her policies have inspired Unaffiliated voters and moderate Republicans to support her candidacy. Many moderate Democrats are even changing to Unaffiliated just to vote for her in the May 8th Republican primary. North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District includes areas in central and western North Carolina, including in Asheville.                                                             


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