Women to Watch: Gina Collias, Candidate for NC-10


April 25, 2018 – North Carolina U.S. Congressional District 10 -- Gina Collias, the only woman Republican challenger to U.S. Congressman Patrick McHenry in the upcoming primary election on May 8th was named today as a Republican Woman to Watch by the Washington, D.C. based Republican Women for Progress. Republican Women for Progress (RWFP) launched their 2018 series featuring Collias. They will be using her social media channels to feature Republican women running for office who are committed to workingthrough the legislative process in a bipartisan way in order to create effective policy at the local, state, and national levels.
“I am honored to be featured first on RWFP’s Women to Watch series,” Collias said. “This organizationworks for the same outcomes I seek here in my home district. I know we can accomplish great things by working together across party lines in Congress and right here in North Carolina.”

"The wave of women running for office in 2018 isn’t just limited to Democrats; we want to showcase the age of Republican women who are bringing new voices to the GOP. The Republican Party is better, and America is better, the more women we have in leadership positions at every level,” according to RWFP Co-founder and Executive Director Jennifer Lim.

Meghan Milloy, Co-founder and Executive Director, added, “The silver lining resulting from Trump’s election is the spark that it provided to inspire so many amazing women to run for office and get involved in politics for the first time. This is a trend that will continue well beyond the midterms and could change the course of Republican politics for years to come.”
North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District includes areas in central and western North Carolina, including Asheville. Collias is seeking to represent voters who feel their current representative in Washington has become too extreme. Her centrist policies have inspired Unaffiliated voters and moderate Republicans to support her candidacy. Many moderate Democrats are even changing to Unaffiliated just to vote for her in the May 8th Republican primary.


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