Hats Off to North Carolina Line Workers

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Hats off to North Carolina’s lineworkers

April 18 marks National Lineman Appreciation day, and I’d like to thank our state’s line-workers for their commitment to keeping our power reliable and our communities safe. Being a line worker is no small feat — it requires long hours, time away from family, and the willingness to work in dangerous conditions. It also takes considerable training. 

We’re pleased to offer line-worker training programs across the N.C. Community College System–like those at Nash, Cleveland, Caldwell, and Forsyth Technical community colleges. These programs offer hands-on experience and training to help build a skilled workforce for North Carolina’s energy industry. Graduates go on to work for regional cooperatives, Duke Energy, and other utilities that serve our state. 

The next time you see a lineworker, remember the sacrifice they make every day to keep the lights on so you don’t have to think about it. On behalf of the N.C. Community College System, we appreciate the service and noble example our state’s lineworkers provide for the next generation. 

Jennifer Haygood, Acting President, North Carolina Community College System

Withdraw from the United Nations now

The power-hungry anti-American United Nations is currently executing a plan to become the seat of government for the New World Order, placing a global tax on you, establishing a U.N. standing army and a World Supreme Court. Under their agenda 21, which they want the senate to ratify, it is clear that the ultimate aim of U.N. bureaucrats is to drive Americans off their land and into megacities where it will be easier to control them. 

Millions of acres of private land — owned by folks like you and me — would be seized and declared off-limits to all humanity. This is called “re-wilding” which is bureaucrat speak for evacuating all human beings from land preserved for plants and animals. 

Americans would be relocated into densely packed sardine can housing projects, and the land would be managed by U.N. direct control. They plan to redistribute the wealth of the U.S. to Third World nations, control U.S. land, and have U.S. open borders. It has been said that U.N. bureaucrats, committed internationalists and “useful idiot” career employees in the U.S. 

Department of State is working round-the-clock to seize your private property and enforce a global Marxist-style regime here in America. Your tax dollars are paying for this U.N. insanity, the U.S. pays roughly one-quarter of the U.N.’s costs. Yes, this information is hard to believe, but you may check with the American Minuteman Project or Americans Against U.N. Control to verify this. 

Freedom loving Americans need to let their pro-sovereignty, anti-U.N. Governors, Senators, and Representatives from all parties know that we want them to defund the U.N. and chop off the tentacles of agenda 21, or, better still, defund and withdraw from the U.N. 

Congressman Mike Rogers of Alabama has re-introduced Ron Paul’s American Sovereignty Restoration act in this session of Congress and that would be a good chance to save America from domination by the U.N. You may also contact your representatives in Congress with the request to withdraw from the U.N. 

Jean Warrick, Shelby

Gina Collias is the better choice

The May 8 Republican primary provides voters a real choice. For the first time in Patrick McHenry’s Congressional career, he faces a bonafide opponent. Gina Collias is a lifelong Republican and a business owner who provides us, voters, this choice. 

Do we want Ms. Collias to apply reason to drive well-informed policy decisions? Do we need someone willing to tackle difficult issues to help Congress finally to get to work? Will District 10 be represented by a person able to cut through the thicket of special interests and PAC money? If you want an affirmative answer vote for Gina Collias. If self-serving politics interest you, Mr. McHenry is your guy. If you believe Congress is only serving their current masters of corporate money, and you are satisfied with the status quo then Mr. McHenry is your guy. 

Gina Collias will reach across the aisle and finally have adult, thoughtful, well-reasoned conversations with members of all parties. If your house was on fire would you demand to know if the fire chief had a “R” or “D” alongside their name? Our “house” is on fire. School shootings, workplace violence, Russian meddling in our elections, reckless trade wars, loss of America’s leadership role in world affairs: all are signs that our current Representative cares more about “R” or “D” than he cares about our nation burning. Mr. McHenry insists that all of the fire department meet his identification criteria before being allowed to douse the fire. Is it any wonder that these problems have grown worse during his Capitol Hill career? 

Mr. McHenry would rather duck tough questions than face them. He refused to attend a recent town meeting with student leaders wishing to talk about current events. Ducking tough questions is his habit. 

Who was there to engage with students and the community? Gina Collias was there. Who was the only Republican there? Gina Collias was there. She came to the conversation as a gun owner and an attorney and welcomed meaningful conversation with anyone willing to talk to her. That is leadership. That is engaging with District 10 constituents. 

If being captive to NRA money, if refusing to meet with District 10 constituents, or if simply being satisfied with our nation’s trajectory [is ok with you] please stay home on May 8. Our nation is burning and we need to place in Congress a person willing to step up, bring Representatives together and begin to fight this fire. 

Registered Republicans and registered Unaffiliated voters can participate on May 8. Please bring a like-minded friend or neighbor and vote. Finally, a Rational Republican is on the ballot. Gina Collias will be a Representative we can all be proud of. 

Jim Morrison, Belmont

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