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We deserve better than McHenry

It’s been a long time since I cared about a primary election. So many of the candidates just want to guide us down a toxic path of partisanship. They create an ‘us and them’ mentality which destroys our proud American tradition of inclusiveness. They win re-election and maintain their positions of power because they are supported by their party machines and special interest lobbyists.

In this May 8 primary election, I am shaking off my voter complacency because I want a new face in Washington. Gina Collias is a Republican who is challenging Patrick McHenry in U.S. Congressional NC District 10. She’s tired of partisan politics and thinks instead about what our communities need. She’s a woman, a lawyer, a mother, and a businessperson. By definition, that means she respects the rule of law, she listens, and she gets things done. And she can balance a budget. She’s not taking NRA or for-profit corporate money to pay for her campaign. She’s pledged to be a uniter, not a divider. Republicans and unaffiliated voters in this primary race, please choose a candidate who puts country over party and cares most about making things better for all of us.

Laura Cooper, Asheville

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