Newton man: I choose Brown, Learner and Collias

I am a 59-year-old male who has had the opportunity to live in Catawba County all my life. I am politically inclined because I believe that local politics should benefit every single person in Catawba County. I’m not too concerned about Democrats or Republicans. I’m concerned about citizens who are Americans who feel that they should have a say-so in politics. Some of the people I respect are late Congressman Cass Ballenger, the late Horace Isenhower Sr. of Conover, the late Stanley Corn of Newton and the late Sub Moose of Newton, the most influential attorney in Catawba County of all-time. I also respect attorney Gene Sigmon who has taught me to have an open mind about politics. I’ve learned alot from them.

But let me get to the point. In Catawba County, I had the opportunity to study the district attorney’s office. For a whole year, I was on the grand jury. I’ve come to the conclusion that David Learner is an honorable man, and that we should support him. I’ve also come to the conclusion that we need change in the sheriff’s office because the sheriff’s office did not come across when I was on the grand jury as very credible. I believe that Don Brown, the chief of police in Newton, should be our new sheriff because I know him, and he is a man of integrity and will do Catawba County justice.

Also, I’ve been studying Washington, D.C. politicians, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Patrick McHenry does not serve the citizens of Catawba County well. I believe that he has forgotten the values of the district that he’s supposed to be responsible for. He needs to be replaced by someone by the name of Gina Collias. She is a lady that I’ve learned to know over the years, and I totally endorse her to replace Patrick McHenry because I do believe she is the best choice. She’s an attorney and a lady of integrity. So, make no mistake about this, I endorse Don Brown for sheriff, David Learner for district attorney and the honorable Gina Collias to replace Patrick McHenry. Think about your vote; it’s important, regardless whether you’re a Democrat or Republican.

God Bless.



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