Social Security & Medicare

“Social Security and Medicare are two social safety net guarantees that workers pay into throughout their lives as it is deducted from each paycheck. Even people who are self-employed have to contribute to these social protections. With healthcare reform, Medicare may be expanded in the future or phased in as a public option for everyone. However, the citizens’ money they paid into the system should not be depleted.”

"The government should not break the social contract bargain that our citizens have relied upon for decades. I want to work to secure and improve Social Security. What the Republicans in Congress have done is pass the irresponsible Tax Reform Act of 2017, which only benefited the richest 1% of citizens, and left behind the rest of us.  Some of you may even be paying more taxes now than you did before this law passed. The worst part is that it drastically increased our national deficit and debt, and to correct it, the Republicans are trying to take the funds from Social Security and Medicare, treating our citizens as if they don’t deserve these benefits, although they actually have already paid for them for years. That is unfair, and I will fight against it.”