Social Security & Medicare

"We cannot allow our aging baby boomer population to be penalized for simply getting old. Or wipe away social security for our young people because of irresponsibility in Washington where people like McHenry gave our country to the 1%.  I support protecting essential benefits for the 99% left behind. Citizens invested in social security each week in their hard earned pay checks for their entire working lives. Students who are saddled with enormous school debt cannot even begin to save for their retirement.  It is an investment made by our citizens in their future retirement. The government should not undo the bargain that these people have agreed to and met.

Medicare is important especially for our aging population. I don’t want to throw our elderly out on the streets like Washington does. They only want to line a few CEO’s pockets under the disguise of privatization. This is not real change; this is bait and switch. If changes are made to Medicare, the intended recipients already vested in the system must be exempt while also protecting our youth.   

The VA needs to be modernized, not privatized. The VA needs a new computer system and needs to be fully staffed.  They have deliberately failed to fully staff the VA to try to handicap them. Putting in the president’s private physician as VA head is next to nepotism. What happened to hiring the most qualified person to head the VA?"