Access to Healthcare

I believe healthcare is a human right. Everyone should have the security that comes with good healthcare, and no one should go broke because they get sick. Republican efforts to dismantle the ACA have driven up the cost of premiums, and resulted in many middle and low-income residents of District 10 losing their coverage. I support universal healthcare. At a minimum, I am committed to fixing the ACA, bringing premiums down, expanding Medicaid for those who have been locked out of the system, protecting coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, and lowering the cost of prescription drugs.

An Economy That Works for Everyone

I believe in a future where everyone who works hard and plays by the rules can succeed. I am committed to preserving and expanding the middle class by insuring a living wage, by creating well-paying jobs, by strengthening demand for all that Western North Carolina has to offer, and by creating an educated and skilled workforce.

A strong middle class exists in an economy where everyone has the opportunity to succeed, and that means the culture of Washington has to change. When the politically well-connected get special favors, the middle class — and those struggling to get into the middle class — suffer. I will fight for meaningful economic reforms.

Instead of favoring political insiders, I will empower small businesses with incentives to create jobs. With your help, I believe that we can create an economy where hard-working people can find a job that not only pays the bills, but allows them to save for retirement, where small businesses — not the special interests — can succeed, where a family can own their own home, and where children can get the high-quality education that will help them prosper.

Quality Education

The public education system is the bedrock of our democracy. Our children's future depends on their education, and the future of District 10 depends on our children's success. Improving our schools and creating a skilled and educated workforce is key to our communities’ economic health. Republicans have continued to cut public education funds, short-changing our students. Cuts in funding for public schools have reduced teacher salaries and caused difficulty in retaining experienced teachers. Some schools have reduced enrichment classes like art and music. We need to fund our teachers and our schools and create opportunity for our daughters and sons. 

Strengthening education requires more than better schools for our children. I stand committed to re-training workers and improving technical education, because whether you are fifteen or fifty, you deserve a chance to succeed in the modern economy.

Protecting our Environment

Climate change is science, not fake news. It’s time to stop arguing about whether climate change is real, and get to work on plans to curb one of the most urgent problems of our lifetime. It has created many climate issues, such as the wildfires near Asheville and Lake Lure. The November 2018 National Climate Assessment sent to Congress identified wildfires in Southern Appalachia as one of the main climate-related threats facing our district. It is imperative that we address these environmental issues now.

Immigration Reform

Democrats are working hard to pass comprehensive immigration reform. I support a smooth and fair path to citizenship that will not jeopardize our national security, and that will secure our economic future and allow hundreds of thousands to step out of the shadows. Our President uses immigration as a threat to cause fear. Republicans disrespect Dreamers and deny them basic rights, because they do not accept the United States of America as their home. I will fight to keep America the land of opportunity.

We need to provide adequate funding for more immigration judges. Furthermore, we should never separate children from their families.

Preventing Gun Violence

The Republican Party refuses to enact common sense gun reforms, that a majority of gun owners support, because they are dependent on the NRA for money. I support universal background checks and closing the gun show loopholes. I realize that this isn't about taking away the rights of responsible, law abiding gun-owners. This is about making our country safer and to prevent additional mass shootings.

Civil Rights

The Equal Rights Amendment must be ratified. Democrats have a long and proud history of defending civil rights and expanding opportunity for all Americans. From the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009, I will fight to end discrimination in all forms. I support all families in Western North Carolina and the Equality Act.

Government Accountability

The Rule of Law must be protected and followed. I believe in a government that is open, transparent, and responsive to the people. Dark money is corrupting our political process. All political contributions must be publicly reported. I am committed to enacting sweeping ethics reform to limit the influence of special interests and lobbyists.

We must ensure that government is accountable to the people. I am committed to listening to the people of District 10 and representing their interests in Washington.

Protecting Voting Rights

We need independent redistricting because gerrymandering unfairly benefits the party in power. One of the most important rights of American citizens is the right to have a say in who our leaders are and how our government works. Protecting voting rights for all citizens has been long and challenging. I will never stop fighting attempts to suppress our votes and will work for reform that creates accessible, open, and fair elections — a system that ensures that every eligible person can cast a vote and that every lawfully cast vote is counted.

Women and Families

Women's issues are economic issues, and that is why I support a living wage and equal pay for equal work. Accordingly, I will fight against wage discrimination.

Women's rights are civil rights, and that is why I support the ERA, and I will fight against gender discrimination and violence against women.

I believe that women have the right to control their own reproductive choices and to have access to contraception in all health insurance plans.